“The Flow of Sensation and Perception” is my series of artworks that encompasses the study of realism, abstraction, and non-objective art in the modern day society of Williamson County-Franklin, Tennessee. I use fluid acrylics and glazing mediums to capture images by painting, pouring, and splattering paint onto canvases. This series of artworks combines my ideals as an art and psychology teacher who evokes in her students the desire to mix the past with the present. What is your modern day twist on traditional art techniques? What makes art appealing to the eye?

Like Picasso and O’Keeffe, I like to examine the quiet, beautiful (or not so beautiful) moments of everyday life. I photograph images of flowers, trees, fruit, etc. and take those realistic, modern day images and warp/distort the images using computer programs. Some parts of my images are realistic, other images are unrecognizable. The appeal of color, and the elements and principles of design are key elements in my compositions. I create mood in my work by using vivid colors to indulge the viewer’s senses.